The Grading Conference

2022 Conference Dates announced!
June 3/4, 2022 - Online!

2022 Conference Dates coming soon!

What is "The Grading Conference"?

The Grading Conference (formerly the "Mastery Grading Conference" is a place where faculty can join together to learn about the grading practices that best support student learning, promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the classroom, and enhance student and faculty classroom experiences. Now in its third year, the purpose of the conference is to support faculty as they strive to challenge traditional, historically inequitable grading practices that have been shown to be damaging to students and their learning.

What is the goal for these conferences?

The Grading Conferences will bring together new and experienced practitioners of a variety of grading techniques (standards-based, specifications-based, etc.) to create a community of practice. We will create a space for participants to make connections with each other, to build a strong and supportive grading community that extends beyond the workshop. Participants will learn the “nuts and bolts” of various types of alternatives to traditional grading, exchange ideas with others, and begin planning their own alternatively-graded classes.

New practitioners will learn the basics of different types of alternative grading, begin redesigning their own classes in a supportive atmosphere, and make contacts that will support their continued work.

Experienced practitioners will discover new approaches to alternative grading, make new connections, and share their ideas and experience with the community.

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